Letter of Intent (engl.)

With the increasing demand for naturel fibre-based products worldwide, there is a need for more knowledge surrounding the production, processing and utilization of agricultural fibres in value-added products.

As companies and research institutes in Canada and Germany, we the undersigned are interested in cooperation at both the corporate and provinical government level to research and develop new technologies and products from industrial crops and biodegradable materials. Our interests are focused in the following areas:

  1. Breeding and cultivation or flax and hemp (both oilseed and fibre crops)
  2. Harvesting techniques for flax and hemp (both oilseed and fibre crops)
  3. Fibre separation machinery for fibre separation / decortication
  4. Researching / developing new markets for natural fibre-based products,
  1. Biofuels and biomass-based energy production
  2. Bio-plastics
  3. Building products
  4. Geotextiles
  5. Natural fibre-reinforced composite materials
  6. New applications for plant oils
  7. Pulp and Paper

We would like to meet sometime before July 27, 2001, to identify specific areas in which collaboration between the undersigned parties would be mutually beneficial, and to outline a path-forward to structering and funding the necessary research and development programs.

Signed this 27. day of April, 2001

K. Salmon, Chief Financial Officer
Alberta Research Council Inc.
250 Karl Clark Road
Edmonton, AB T6N 1E4

Dr. Henschke, Manager
Natural Fibres Association Brandenburg
Cottbuser Strasse 1
(Head of German Delegation)

W. Chute, P. Eng.
Senior Research Engineer-Agrifibres
Alberta Researche Council Ing.
ARC Representative

Heinz-Peter Schneider
Innovative Brokerage Corporation
Seydelstr. 27
10117 Berlin