Survey: GreenPremium prices for bio-based products along the value chain

What is your experience with GreenPremium prices for bio-based products? Are there any for your bio-based product? If yes, how high is the willingness to pay a GreenPremium along the value chain? And is there a difference dependent on different biomass feedstocks?

In the framework of the European project BIOFOREVER (, nova is conducting a new survey on these and other questions and we would like to get your input about the field of your expertise. It is a short questionnaire of only seven questions. As a thank you, all results will be shared with the participants.

Please find more information on the definition of GreenPremium prices and the results of the old survey at: “GreenPremium prices along the value chain of bio-based products

Your contribution is valuable to us and we would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to answer our questions. If you prefer to answer our questions in a telephone interview, please give us a note and you will be contacted by Asta Partanen: [email protected]

Please answer the following 7 questions that will take you 5 minutes.

Best regards

Michael Carus
Managing Director nova-Institute


1a. For which bio-based product are you an expert?

All following questions consider only this bio-based product and its value chain.
If you would like to answer for several bio-based products, please fill for each product a separate questionnaire.

1b. Please select the material group you would classify your bio-based product in
1c. Please select the main application sector of your bio-based product
1d. On which continent are your products primarily sold?
Check any that apply
2. Your position in the standard value chain
3. GreenPremium for
Which premium extra price would your customers be willing to pay?

4. Is the GreenPremium for the market being paid for a limited time?
5. Please differentiate GreenPremium levels for along the value chain.
  more than 50% 20-40% 10-20% no GreenPremium No answer
Intermediate producer
Product producer
End consumer
6a. What are the most important drivers for GreenPremium for along the value chain?
Please select one or several aspects.
  Touch of innovation Positive green image (1) Enhanced attention (2) Price expectations (3)
Intermediate producer
Product producer
End consumer
Help(1)    Positive green image: Sustainability, climate protection
(2)    Enhanced attention: Easier to get an audience via press/social media, to get attention
(3)    Price expectations: Customer expects (and accepts) higher prices
6b. Are there other drivers for GreenPremium for along the value chain?
7. Do GreenPremium prices for depend on single value-adding factors or functionalities? Which of the following aspects support higher Green-Premium prices along the value chain (you can select one or several aspects)?

Thank you for taking part in the survey. Please enter your email address to receive the summary of the results.